Drone Reed Refurbishment      

Although your Canning Drone Reeds should give you years of trouble free playing, unfortunately they may wear out eventually. For this reason we have introduced a reed refurbishment service. For much less than the cost of a new set of reeds, you can return your current reeds to us to be completely overhauled. They will be striped and cleaned before being fitted with new tongues and bridles, tested and returned to you ready to provide years more service.

To take advantage of this service please follow these simple steps:

1. Select the service you require (bass, tenors or complete set) from the options below.

2. Complete the payment process as normal.

3. Print a copy of your receipt and mail it along with your reeds to us at the address at the bottom of the page.

4. Once we receive the reeds, we will refurbish them and return them to you.

Select Service Required

  Full Set Refurbishment - £24.99   Bass Reed Refurbishment - £14.99   Tenor Set Refurbishment - £14.99  


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